Tips to get rid of Eating Disorder

The word ‘habit’ refers to a set of subconscious behaviors or actions. Almost all of us have some habits ‒ good or bad. To have a healthy life, it is necessary to form some good habits related to exercise, work, eating etc. Eating disorder  is commonly observed in many individuals. Some feel an uncontrollable urge to overeat; while there are others who are unnecessarily conscious about their body appearance and limit their calorie intake. It is really necessary to curb these abnormal eating habits that may take a toll on one’s life.

What are eating disorders?

To get rid of these habits, you must have some basic idea about the various types of eating disorders. Binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa and anorexia nervosa are the commonly known eating disorders. People who suffer from anorexia nervosa suffer from a fear of getting overweight, go on extreme dieting even when they have a normal bodyweight. People with binge eating disorder  have the habit of taking large quantities of food at regular intervals, even when their hunger is completely satisfied. Bulimia nervosa is a condition where an individual tends to overeat, feels sad about their overeating and immediately tries to get rid of the excessive calorie intake by means of self-induced vomiting, over-exercising or using laxative.

How to overcome eating disorder ?

Once you are aware of these disorders it is essential to know some tips that would certainly help you to stay fit and healthy:

  • On realizing that you are suffering from some abnormal eating patterns, you must meet a physician or nutrition expert. You must follow the dietary plan and take vitamin/minerals supplements as advised by your dietitian.
  • Many times a person, especially those suffering from anorexia nervous may need hospitalization. In such cases, clinics specially meant for patients with bad eating habits are preferred most.
  • Therapeutic treatment are also deemed essential. Psychotherapy is a helpful process that aims at exchanging the abnormal eating habits with some good ones. There are many other therapies which help in channelizing one’s eating desires and monitoring their moods.
  • Besides the above-mentioned points, you must also set some short-term goals. It is really difficult to change certain habits, specially food habits. So you must set a list of what you actually want to achieve and how you are going to achieve those. Write in bold letters which food habits you must avoid. Paste this list on the walls of your kitchen, study room and bed room so that you do not deviate from the  track.
  • One of the most important tips to get rid of eating disorder is to go for some exercises under the guidance of a physical trainer. A physical trainer will understand your specific body requirements and help you shape your body and stay healthy.

Remember you must bring the necessary changes in your diet and lifestyle, in moderation. Having patience and a positive outlook is really needed.

About Author: I am Aja Levis, a freelancer finance consultant. As I am fitness freaky person I love to share my ideas on weight especially on belly fat. In this article I have explained about eating disorder habits.

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Losing Weight And Religion

This guest post is written by Noah Mark Rodolfo. Are you also interested in writing for then please read the guidelines for guest posts.

We only want the best when it comes to health and wellness. However, each of us have our own sets of fitness standards which makes us unique from each other. Some depends on diets while other prefers exercise programs.

More and more people are struggling to get in shape, which are mainly due of today’s abusive sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits. Both of which causes weight gain and if left untreated, may lead to obesity. As you know, suffering from any weight issues may very well lead to serious diseases and death.

If you are an avid follower of this blog, then you are well aware on different information with regards to fitness, most of which are perceptibly simple to apply.

Unfortunately, most dieters and workout enthusiasts are failing to keep the weight off. Lack of discipline, motivation and consistency are three contributing factors why success are so rare in most fitness program. So if diet and exercise don’t work, what are your other options?

One alternative but effective approach is to rely on your faith. Do you believe that having a deep relationship with God can help you lose weight? How deep is your spirituality and can it influence you more on your weight loss goals? Let’s find some answers directly from the words of God – the Bible.

What are the Bible Principles with Regards to Fitness?

With all the sectarian diversions of Christianity, we are thought to practice different kinds of religious doctrines and faith activities by our parents. But one thing is certain, if you believe in Jesus Christ and his spiritual father, you also believe that all Christian religions are all based in the Bible.

Being a Christian myself, I believe that the bible is the first health manuscript ever written, a testament to God’s knowledge over our earthly bodies. The principles of the bible are well detailed, teaching us proper moral attitudes and giving us the best guidelines with regards to health.

First off, King David suggests that we should love our body more than anything because it is a gift from God. David wrote in Psalms 139:14:

“I shall laud you because in a fear-inspiring way I am wonderfully made.

Your works are wonderful, As my soul is very well aware”

David is reminding us that we need to love and appreciate our body and life as a whole. If you want to follow this bible principle, you need to prioritize your health before anything else.

Next is to have the right goal. Having a specific fitness goal is your guide to wellness. Without a goal, there is nothing that will help motivate you to stay on your course and will most likely lead to failure. David’s son, King Solomon reminds us to have a goal in life. This can be found in Proverbs 4:26:

“Smooth out the course of your foot, and may all your own ways be firmly established”

Now once you identified your goals, you need to turn your attention to your dieting regime. If you want to lose weight or improve your slimming efforts, you need to apply a well-balanced eating plan.

What does the bible preach about healthy foods? Consider the book of Daniel. The opening chapter is about Daniel’s arrival in the kingdom of Babylon, he was accompanied by three fellow Hebrew brothers. Prophet Daniel wrote the following verses in Daniel 1: 8:

“But Daniel determined in his heart that he would not pollute himself with the delicacies of the king and with his drinking wine. And he kept requesting of the principal court official that he might not pollute himself”

King Nebuchadnezzar gave the four Hebrews including Daniel, the privilege to eat in his court. This means that they can indulge themselves with every food that the kingdom have given them. This includes meats and other unhealthy foods and wine.

But Daniel and his companions grew up through the teachings of the Mosaic law, which includes restriction to unhealthy foods such as pork meats. Their spirituality were tested. In Daniel 1:12-13, Daniel ask the court official to put their belief to a test.

“Please, put your servants to the test for ten days, and let them give us some vegetables that we may eat and water that we may drink;and let our countenances and the countenance of the children who are eating the delicacies of the king appear before you, and according to what you see do with your servants.”

If you continue reading the next three verses 14-16, it reads that Daniel and his companion have developed more lean mass compared to other servants of Babylon who ate all the unhealthy foods given by the kingdom.

The amazing physical improvement of Daniel and his brothers were the result of healthy eating regimen. They became more healthy and fit compared to other people of Babylon.

The lesson here is not to restrict yourself from pure vegetarian and fruit diet, but to vary your food accordingly. As you may already know, fad diets offers short-term weight loss which could also be devastating to your health. If you can combined protein-based foods with nutritious and fiber-rich foods, then you will achieve good health.

How about with the Greek scriptures? The gospels written by Jesus Christ’s apostles are filled with laws, not just about spirituality and morality, but also for health and wellness. Take a look at what apostle Paul wrote to the Roman congregation found in Rome 13:13:

“As in the daytime let us walk decently, not in revelries and drunken bouts, not in illicit intercourse and loose conduct, not in strife and jealousy”

Then turn your attention to 2 Corinthians 7:1:

“Therefore, since we have these promises, beloved ones, let us cleanse ourselves of every defilement of flesh and spirit, perfecting holiness in God’s fear”

Apostle Paul was reminding the first century Christians to avoid wild drinking sessions and other bad habits that could degrade their health. Today, you may follow this bible principle by not smoking, avoiding too much alcohol beverages and of course illegal drugs. Good health will follow if you live decently as the verse suggest.

What about the bible’s principles about fitness? Apostle Paul mentioned a small detail about exercise in his letter to Timothy in 1 Timothy 4:8.:

“For bodily training is beneficial for a little; but godly devotion is beneficial for all things, as it holds promise of the life now and that which is to come”

Paul is suggesting that exercise or physical training have its due benefits, which today are necessities to achieve good health. However, the verse favors the true benefits of having a close relationship with God, outweighing the temporary exercise benefits of our mortal life.

Bible is the Best Motivation for Fitness

As you can see, God prepared the perfect fitness guidelines for us to live a fuller and meaningful life. If you can truly follow these bible principles, you will definitely achieve perfect health and fitness.

Losing weight is an endeavor that many thought to be difficult to accomplish. If you are totally lost and you have no idea where to start your fitness program, then finding your faith can lead you to the right way. Your faith can help you in winning your battle against weight loss plateau.

For our last verse, I want to share with you what Samuel wrote in his book found in 1 Samuel 16:7:

“Finally, never forget that “mere man sees what appears to the eyes; but as for God, he sees what the heart is”

About the author:

Noah Mark Rodolfo is a weight loss and health blogger. He regularly writes about dieting, physical wellness, best slimming pills, foods, nutrition and other weight related issues. Visit his website at Weight Loss Tips for the latest health buzz!

Bible verses reference:

New World Translation of the Holy Scripture

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Weight Loss: Tips and Tricks to get Skinny Fast

This guest post is written by Brianne. Are you also interested in writing for then please read the guidelines for guest posts.

A majority of men and women want to look attractive, but the extra flesh over their bodies simply hurt them. It hampers your lives in many ways giving wrong impressions about you. If you want to tread on the weight loss path, you would certainly want to get rid of the extra flesh as soon as possible. However, the weight loss never happens with a miracle, it requires commitment and efforts. So, if you are determined to lose your weight then the following tips and tricks could help you in getting rid of the extra flesh over your bodies. Check them out:

Eat proper breakfast

Breakfasts are considered as the most vital meals of the day. It not only fills your tummy but also makes you energetic for the entire day. A good breakfast could be a right start for your day. However, if you skip breakfast it can lead to some unexpected and uncontrollable hunger in the later stage of the day. Also, by skipping breakfast, you are more likely to eat during your lunch to ease your hunger. This simply multiplies the calorie intake thus adding up the weight. According to research and studies, a proper breakfast plays a vital role in maintaining your normal body weight. Any healthy breakfast comprises of three important nutrients- protein, fat and carbohydrates. The carbohydrates give your body quick energy, while the fat and protein curtails your hunger thus avoiding the extra calories going inside your body.

Regular exercise

As per the studies, a daily exercise for half an hour can promise you a number of health benefits apart from helping you in your weight loss. Ironically, people simply want to skip this step for their weight loss, which is certainly not possible. So despite your hectic schedule, find time to exercise properly at least for 20-30 minutes. Besides, you need to incorporate a couple of things in your daily life schedule. For instance, if you take lifts, avoid using them, instead use stairs, if your workplace is near, consider walking to your offices, etc. If you could join some gym nearby your home or office, make sure you enroll there, at least by paying the required fee. This would compel you to find time for a regular exercise once you start giving the money to your gym cashier. Lastly, once you start doing proper daily exercise; simply back it with a healthy diet or else you may not find the necessary outcome.

Avoid the deprivation diets

Most of the people think that by not eating food, you may easily lose your weight. Though the deprivation diet could give you some quick short term results, yet at the long run, you could encounter some health issues. For instance, the metabolism rate could come down when you consume limited amount of calories on daily basis. Also, losing weight in short term duration and remaining away from the healthy food could result into some backfire by getting the lost weight back over your body the moment you resume your diet. Also, your body organs which require energy from food could encounter problems in functioning in your body. Hence it is important to have regular and balanced diet. So, while adopting any weight loss method, it is important to ensure that you lose the pounds not only in quick time but also permanently.

Final word

These are vital tips and tricks to lose your weight. All you need to do is to incorporate them into your lifestyle and soon you would end up getting your desired weight loss. You cannot expect any overnight result; you have to practice these things for several days to find some fast weight loss results.

About the author: Brianne is a blogger by profession. She loves writing, reading and travelling. She contributes to Gulf Coast Readers Inc


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Have You Had Your Probiotics Today?

This guest post is written by Shelly White. Are you also interested in writing for then please read the guidelines for guest posts.

The idea of consuming bacteria to promote good health sounds strange at first. However, that’s exactly what’s involved in taking probiotics. Research has shown that when people regularly include certain types of bacteria in their diet, it can make them feel healthier. In places like Japan and parts of Europe, probiotic use is very common. Although it has not yet reached this level of popularity in the United States, Americans are starting to finally understand what other areas of the world have known for years.

Documents from the Harvard Medical School mention that probiotics are often used to aid the digestive system. People who are afflicted with chronic disorders such as Crohn’s disease or irritable bowel syndrome are sometimes prescribed a regular diet of probiotics. Furthermore, probiotic supplements are also sometimes used to improve vaginal health and assist patients who have recurrent yeast infections or urinary tract problems. Many people are surprised to realize that humans have hundreds of different microorganism species in their digestive tract already, so there’s usually no harm in taking a few others to add to the mix.

Mmmmmm probiotics. Shot of Yakult in the morning :)

Not Just for Digestion

If your only knowledge about the use of probiotics is linked to digestive health, that’s not the whole story. A few weeks ago, Dr. Julie Chen wrote a column on the Huffington Post website to discuss incidences in her practice where she has used probiotics for several other types of ailments. For example, one patient was struggling with debilitating food allergies. Even after she worked to gradually eliminate troublesome foods from her diet, her symptoms did not disappear completely. After she began a probiotic supplement however, she noticed that it made a big difference in her food allergy troubles, and also helped prevent seasonal colds. This scenario indicates that probiotics could have a therapeutic effect on a person’s immune system, as well.

How to Take Them

If the information above is strong enough to convince you that probiotics are worth a try, the next question on your mind is probably how you should begin to incorporate them into your own diet. Although many people do take supplements, you can increase your intake by consuming certain types of food, too. In fact, one of the most common probiotic-rich foods is yogurt. If you’d rather drink your probiotics instead, try kefir. Made from grains, this liquidy substance blends with milk proteins and sugars. It’s usually available in local grocery stores.

One advantage of taking your probiotics in a supplement form is simply convenience. Some companies sell probiotics in a capsule form that includes billions of active cultures in just a single dose. This method of taking your probiotics is great if you travel a lot, because you don’t have to worry about having certain types of food on hand. Instead, just make sure to always carry a few pills wherever you go.

Before starting a probiotics regimen, it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor and see if it’s an appropriate course of action to treat your symptoms or encourage good health. Probiotics are not identical, so if you’re focusing on a specific issue, it might be necessary to focus on buying specific varieties. Over time, you may find that by simply taking probiotics on a regular basis you’re combatting several common health complaints with hardly any effort on your part.

Shelly White writes for health blogs. If you’re looking for ways to improve your digestion, read more about Delpro Probiotics.

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Managing Fall Allergies

This guest post is written by Megan Hobbs. Are you also interested in writing for then please read the guidelines for guest posts.

Many people believe that allergies come along only in the spring time when all of that springtime blossoming indicates that pollen production is in overdrive. Although the cold months of winter may seem like they would bring some relief from allergy sufferers, the fall and winter months can bring allergy problems of their own, especially if someone is prone to pollen allergies. Since the colder months usually indicate the start of the flu season, some people may have some confusion over whether the symptoms they are experiencing with a fall allergy attack are the onset of a flu or cold virus. Allergic rhinitis is actually common all year long.

One of the most contributing factors to this allergy season’s long duration has been warmer than average fall temperatures. According to the National Weather Service, the presence of an El Niño this weather year will make temperatures warmer in the western states, and the drought that has persisted in the Great Plains and Midwest will continue. When temperatures are warmer, plants produce 3 to 4 times more pollen than they normally would. All of this indicates that the main culprit for fall allergies, ragweed, will continue to be a problem for many people throughout the fall.

Let's try a different one this year.

Ragweed belong to a species of flowering plants belonging to the same family as daisies and sunflowers. They are common throughout North America because of their tenacity and ability to adapt to many climates. They are found in deserts as well as more temperate part of the continent, and there are 17 different species in the United States alone. The real problem that people have with ragweed is not with its invasiveness but in the copious amount of pollen that it produces. A single ragweed plant can produce one billion pollen grains, and although they are typically associated with spring and summer allergies, warmer seasons have extended their growing season well into October and November. Mold and dust mites also present a problem to people prone to fall allergies, especially when wetter weather affects the decomposition of fallen leaves and spreads mold spores.

With allergic rhinitis, the onset of an allergic reaction is the body’s response to these particles in the air. The body treats them as if they were a foreign invader, and it produces antibodies in response to the proteins found in pollen. This creates a chain reaction of biological processes that floods the blood stream with histamine, and it is histamine that produces all the symptoms that are common with allergies. These are the dreaded runny noses and red itchy eyes and constant sneezing that come with allergies, and unfortunately, because the body’s response is the same to allergens as it is to flu and cold viruses, it can be hard to pinpoint the cause.

There are some things that people can do to minimize their suffering during a fall allergy season. First and foremost, they can see a doctor and get allergy testing. HEPA filters for indoor heating and air conditioning reduce the amount of allergens in the home. Showers and a change of clothes after doing yard work outside can remove allergens from the skin. Finally, there are a number of good over the counter products for allergy relief, but all of these are best used alongside the advice of a doctor.

Megan Hobbs writes for several health sites including the site for Chester Springs Urgent Care. A site she recommends visiting if you are planning a visit to the Urgent Care Chester Springs Pa office.

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