Semalt: WordPress Issues You Need To Learn

Akismet is by far the best and most famous anti-spam plugin for WordPress blogs and websites. No matter you own a business website or a private blog, Akismet will be a part of your online platform and will help delete the spam comments. As of now, there are over thirty million active installs of Akismet, and the numbers are growing day by day.

Jack Miller, a leading expert of Semalt, informs here that this WordPress plugin is developed by Automattic and is free for personal users. However, if you want to avail its best features, you should be ready to pay $5 per month, and that premium version is great for commercial blogs.

Is Akismet reliable?

The best thing about Akismet is that it is a titan, which means no other anti-spam plugins come close to its features and properties. However, there is some alternative too. In fact, there is a large list of Akismet alternatives, but most of the WordPress users and webmasters prefer it due to its user-friendly interface and positive feedbacks from other users.

How does Akismet work?

Automattic first introduced and marketed Akismet in 2005, and this WordPress plugin has been developed and updated with time in efforts to combat all types of spam comments, bots, and spiders in an effective way. Every time the new comments are added to your posts, Akismet gets activated and helps you get rid of trackbacks and pingbacks. Moreover, it grabs the spam comments and can easily handle hundreds of thousands of spam comments per day. This WordPress plugin automatically determines whether a comment is spam or not before getting it approved by the site owner.

We should not forget that Akismet does have its fingers on the pulse of the WordPress community and has the ability to utilize a large amount of data without your knowledge.

Does Akismet really work well?

Yes, Akismet can help you solve various spam comment-related problems and can filter the bots and spam within seconds. It automatically blocks all suspicious comments and alerts you about strange IP addresses so that you can block those IPs yourself.

Is there any alternative?

Though there are different anti-spam plugins online, Akismet is still the winner and is given high preference by both webmasters and bloggers. The two prominent alternatives to this WordPress plugin are Growmap Anti Spambot and Antispam Bee.

1. Growmap:

At a glimpse, this plugin looks great and a powerful anti-spam solution. It has around 4.9 ratings on both and, but the fact is that the free version of this plugin has a limited number of options and features. Its premium version, however, could attract over three thousand people back in 2016. This plugin fails on two fronts: pingbacks/trackbacks, and the human spammers.

2. Antispam Bee:

Antispam Bee is another alternative to Akismet. This famous plugin has been installed nearly 250,000 times and has an average rating of 4.6 on and Frankly speaking, this plugin is not as effective as Akismet as it cannot distinguish between a human comment and a spam comment.

Is Akismet the king?

Yes, it's true that Akismet is the king when it comes to blocking spam comments on the WordPress sites and blogs.

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